Service & Repair

Let ARC Services Inc. assist you with a computer upgrade or spyware removal. Located in Dimondale, Michigan we provide computer and network services in the Lansing area.

Our Services

We understand that upgrading your computer can be a hassle, so our trained staff upgrades you quickly. We are also able to perform a wide variety of other computer and network services. Our team services individuals and small businesses in the area with a focus on Microsoft-based equipment. We are not able to repair or troubleshoot cellphones or Apple® products.

Our Services Include:

• Computers and Network Upgrades • Computer and Network Repairs
• Hard Drive Repairs • Spyware Removal
• Virus Removal • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
• Network and Conversion • Replace Hard Drive with Solid State Hard Drive

Turnaround and Warranty

Bring your equipment for us to repair, and we will service it as soon as possible. Turnaround time varies depending on the task, but we generally strive to have the work completed in about a week's time. We also offer our customers a 30-day warranty. During those 30 days, we will rectify any issues at no additional cost to you.

Convenient Location

ARC Services Inc. is located near many of our suppliers and a large General Motors plant. We are located at the intersection of two major highways, providing easy access for most people in the greater Lansing area.